Human Resources

Organizational Mission—Advancing Longping Cause, Fostering  Longping Spirit

Longping people have a strong sense of belonging and honor to the company;have a deep understanding of the company's cultural spirit and values,achieve the lofty corporate value of “excellent seeds service agriculture, create higher social value”.

Talent Concept - Human Resources Are the First Resource

Anhui Longping always regards human resources as the first resource for the company's survival and development. Human resources are the inexhaustible motive force for the company's development and prosperity, and it is the company's most valuable asset.

Human Resources Work Objectives - Providing a Stage for Dreams

We have been striving to build excellent and sustainable human resources 。

We are committed to building a professional talent team that is in line with our corporate culture.

Human Resource Manager - The light to Realize Your Dreams

As a Human Resource manager, We Provide a Platform for Talent Development.

Training and Development- Come on for your dreams

Anhui Longping provides employees with new employee training, “one-on-one” guidance, job training, recommended learning, reserve cadre training and many other opportunities for learning and improvement.

Talent Development

Good Development Platform:

Yuan Longping Agricultural High-Tech Co., Ltd. is a modern seed industry listed company named after the academician of the "hybrid rice father" Yuan Longping and holded by CITIC Group. It is the modern seed group ranked first in the comprehensive strength of “China Seed Industry Credit Core Enterprise” and has 26 subsidiaries under its jurisdiction.

As one of the core subsidiaries of Longping High-Tech, Anhui Longping High-Tech Seeds Co., Ltd. was established in May 2002 with a registered capital of 100 million Yuan.
The main core business of Anhui Longping High-Tech is corn, which is a seed company integrating scientific research, production and sales.
It is engaged in rice, corn, wheat and cotton, and is engaged in scientific research, production and sales. In 2016, the sales revenue was 620 million yuan.

Perfect Salary system:

1. Salary: A competitive salary within the industry.

2. Welfare: free working meals, holiday monetary gift, fertility monetary gifts, scholarship, physical examination, tourism, etc.

3. Subsidy: filial piety money, communication fees, book shopping ,etc

4. Bonus: sales reward, research achievement reward, innovation reward, year-end bonus, etc.

Perfect training mechanism:

The company is committed to the development and training of talents, to promote the growth of employees and to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through the creation of learning organizations. The company offers multi-dimensional training courses for its employees. 

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