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          Anhui Longping High-Tech Seed Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuan Longping Agricultural High-Tech Co., Ltd. founded in 2002. AHLP has a registered capital of 100 million Yuan and is located in the High-Tech District of Hefei City, Anhui Province.

          AHLP is a operation platform of corn industry under the Longping High-Tech. In 2013, Anhui Longping obtained the first batch of integrated management licenses for Breeding, Propagation and Promotion issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

          Longping High-Tech has been recognized as “China's Seed Industry Credit Core Enterprise” for two consecutive periods and ranked first among all companies that received this title.

        Anhui Longping has also won following honors: “High-Tech Enterprise”, “Provincial Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise”, “Enterprise Credit 3A Level” and so on.

       In 2014, CITIC Group acquired Longping High-Tech, which enabled Longping High-Tech to enter a new stage of development and laid a solid foundation for the realization of Longping High-Tech's strategic goals.

Relying on the advantages of Longping High-Tech’s in brand, system, mechanism, innovation and human resources, Anhui Longping has gathered various high-quality industrial resources at home and abroad, and annual research investment accounts for 5-6% of the company's sales.

      At the same time, Anhui Longping established 9 ecological breeding stations, 3 experimental stations and 426 test sites in the main corn producing areas at home and abroad.

A number of scientific research stations with a total area of more than 3,600 mu have been established in the East of North China, Huanghuaihai, Southwest, Hainan, Myanmar, and the United States, and a commercial R&D system for the Longping High-Tech corn industry has been established.

Anhui Longping invested nearly 200 million Yuan in Gansu, Xinjiang and Anhui, and established 22 automatic packaging lines and 7 processing lines, including 5 drying lines for cob and 3 drying lines for grain. It also established a complete and independent managed production base.

  The company has established a sound marketing network system, using order sales and display marketing as a means to actively innovate the marketing model and quickly form its own industrial scale and competitive advantage.

The sales area covers the main production areas of Northeast, Huanghuaihai, Northwest and Southwest, and the annual sales income has reached more than 600 million yuan.

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